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Johannes Schlecht has two unique passions …

He climbs on top of mountains. On very high mountains. In recent years he frequently stood on top of infamous alpine peaks, as high as 4000m. Having already conquered many, more are soon to come.

“Climbing up on mountains that high is like a test of courage for me to find out where my personal limitations are and how far I can still go. When I go up with a rope, I feel as if I slowly can remove myself from the earthly presence step by step - only to get closer to it. Once arrived atop with those breathtaking views, one feels little pride in one’s achievement, more so silent gratitude, inner calmness and humbleness towards mother earth creation.”

He also runs marathons. Being born in Thuringia, he wouldn’t miss the annual “Rennsteiglauf” through the Thuringian forest. He’s run it many times in the past as well as the Berlin - and the Brocken - marathon. And many more. Sounds crazy … perhaps.

“I feel more energized and awake when I run. My ideas and concepts seem so much clearer and easier to put together, as well as laying the foundation for my compositions. The daily nags and nuisances are placed accordingly well after. I couldn’t imagine a life without running. Well, I could but I don’t want to.”